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KTK Handmade goes to the Galapagos Islands!
See our pictures from the screen printing project, and the great t-shirts that the kids made.

the students get started on their drawings they make 3 drawings each and pick their favorite to print on a shirt adult conference... praise for all the great drawings!

kerrigan and emily scan images and print transparencies after difficulties cleaning screens, the students showed us how to increase the water pressure with this! we needed more frames to stretch screen on so we stopped off at the carpenter park and ordered 6 beautiful wooden frames, ready the next morning!

smocks on! getting excited! a little talk about color t-shirts at the ready here we go!

mixing ink assistants fingers and ink in place he's printing! the print shop  

      cleaning up our great sink

everybody showing off their new shirts!        

      all together now!  

As Galapagos ICE volunteers Kerrigan and fiance, Jon travelled to Ecuador in July 2006 to teach screen printing techniques to the children at a school in Santa Rosa, Galapagos Islands. The students' screened t-shirts are being sold to raise money for their school supplies.

To buy these t-shirts and to find out more about Galapagos ICE, please visit

To buy the KTK Handmade Galapagos Bags or to donate to the project, go here.

A huge THANK YOU goes to Standard Screen, for their very generous donation to this project. Go to them for your screen printing supplies and questions!

test prints
of all the
t-shirt designs!


















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